Welcome to Website Design Drupal - a Drupal demo website from 1 Website Designer where you can login and practice creating and editing new pages using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS).

Drupal is a very flexible CMS that lets you easily create new pages, edit existing ones, upload images or other files, insert Flash animations, etc.

To edit this site please login using the following details:



You can then do any of the following:

  • Click 'sample news item' or 'sample page for editing' on the left, click edit and edit the page as you wish.
  • Select create content and choose Page or News Item to try creating a new page (to find your new page again afterwards, make sure you click 'link title) and choose where you want your link to go and what it should be called).
  • Click Administer to change the site theme (overall layout and look and feel), or view other options.  As this is a test site, some options, such as modifying permissions are restricted.

On your own Drupal site it will be easy to modify every single page of the site, or add blocks, which appear on the pages you specify and contain the content you want.  On this site, you cannot edit the contact form page or home page.

This site is developed for website designers or anyone interested in Drupal website design and gives you a chance to edit a site with a few basic extra modules installed.

This page is one of the standard themes that come with Drupal, when creating new websites Drupal gives you a choice of 100s of open source themes to choose from in addition to the few that come installed as standard.  You will also have the option of moving blocks around, etc. and more experienced developers can create their own themes.

A Drupal website also includes some good in-built search engine optimization (SEO), though sites also need good content and links to them to appear well with search engines, but the core structure of a Drupal website includes elements such as the Metatag Title reflecting the visible H1 title, relevant hover-over text on links between pages, putting sub-headings in H2 or H3 headers and easy ways to generate menus and link pages together.  The core modules and themes all also generate W3C compliant html and CSS.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert and this website is in no way sponsored or recommended by Dries Buytaert.